Asiana bridal show 2020 - Bespoke exhibition stand with custom pattern design for floor vinyl. Advert for bridal directory and social media content leading up to the event. Stall put up and take down at the event

Outdoor weddings - Proposal for outdoor wedding set up due to Covid-19 breakout

Décor brochure - Digital and print brochure showcasing wedding decor, ideas and themes to new and potential clients

Menus - Wedding and event menus based on brand guidelines. Occasionally clients ask for bespoke design as shown below.

Wedding décor - Stage and entrance setup mock-up to present to clients

Social media content - Video edit below (*complied from third party and stock footage)

Stage design - Bespoke stage design, set up for cnc cutting and building by production team

Mood board - For renovation of client consultation office

 Print design - designed for event by Bollyco featuring menu and information on the venue and décor

Print design - A3 signage for wedding foyer