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Jumo Kuwait
Brand guidelines including copy for Jumo coffee roasters.
Music inspires
"Music is supposed to inspire" ~ Lauryn Hill. Experimenting with graphic styles using song lyrics.
Dine at Meridian Grand
Born out of Covid-19, Meridian Grand created a restaurant / take-away to create revenue. The logo uses aspects from the venues logo to keep a consistent brand. Print design included, photography, menus, flyer, banners, invitations and social media content.
Ligaya bakery
Logo design, incorporating clients former logo + business cards
Shanthi Construction
The constuction booklet for my University final major project 'Shanthi'
Mamasons Camden
Mamasons dirty ice-cream Camden, An entire brand started from scratch. Below are just some aspects I worked on, from the spatial design, layout and interior of the shop to marketing, logos, print design, merchandise, website and social media. Be sure to visit, grab a scoop and see the design for yourself.
Logo design and mock up
A commissioned one of one digital art piece. Inspired by 'Reality unveiled' by Ziad Masri and 'The power of now by Eckhart Tolle
Mamasons Chinatown
One year later the Mamasons brand branched out to a new location in London Chinatown. This gave me a chance to step back from the previous design and bring improvements and new ideas all whilst keeping the humbleness and simplicity of the much loved Camden design, but focusing on a new audience. Working with a bigger team, my main objective was managing the spatial design (layout, materials, floorplans, elevations, visualisations) and in turn the interior, art works, merchandise and marketing. Below are just some aspects I worked on.
Nisha Parmar
Branding for life coach Nisha Parmar. Including banners, flyers, booklets, excel sheets and instagram posts